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Mesaj Scris de Digimon la data de Mier Sept 17, 2008 6:50 pm

For screenshot
Introducere [EN]
DragonFable is an Animated Web RPG!

Adventuring from your Web Browser
DragonFable is an fully animated role playing game built to run in your web browser. Build a character and explore our ever expanding world to battle monsters, find treasure, and participate in our ongoing epic storyline quests and special events.

Always Changing and Growing
DragonFable is in an ongoing perpetual development! Even as you read this new monsters are being made, new items crafted, and dungeons overflowing with horrible surprises are being designed to test your bravery and intellect. We listen carefully to player suggestions and feedback on the forums making DragonFable's growth the result of our entire community!

It gets even better!
You need nothing more than your web browser and the latest Macromedia Flash plugin to get into the action. DragonFable is easy and safe to play.

* No Downloads!
* No Spyware!
* No Spam! (Hey, our DragonFable Newsletter... written by me personally... does not count!)
* No Programs to install!

Create an Account
What are you waiting for? Create a new account and join us. Our world needs a hero like you!

Link Here


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Re: DragonFable

Mesaj Scris de BlackDragon la data de Dum Oct 26, 2008 11:47 am

e nasol jocu ... au copiat numele de la jocul fable , nu merita jucat.


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