Remote Desktop connection

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Remote Desktop connection

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If u have 2 or more comp's then you will find
this to be very useful if ur a lazy ass like me. This isn't a hack just
a features that people don't know about. Basically what t does is
allows you to connect and control another computer in you're household.
I believe you can do it over the net not sure.

1st right click
My Computer -> Properties -> remote. Then enable the check box
that says "Allows user to connect blah blah"

2nd make sure u
know the computer name (NOT COMPUTER DESCRIPTION) also make sure u know
the user name and password (must have a password very important)

Now go to another PC , go to start menu -> programs -> accessories -> communications -> remote desktop connection.

Now type in the full computer name and after that put the user name and password and voila.
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